Unfair Competition


Consulting company Trivia Legal Advice executes the following activities:

Legal and economic analyses in the field of:

  • unfair competition
  • advertisements/publicity

Provides any kind of consultations relating the application of the Law on Protection of the competition referring to:

  • misleading and comparative advertisements/publicity
  • imposing of temporary measures in connection with the distribution of  advertisements
  • imitations of exterior, packing, marking, name, company name, trade name, geographic designation, domain, outside appearance of internet site
  • unfair/disloyal attraction of clients
  • offering, provision of accessories/supplements at sale of goods
  • promotion and advertisement games organized by means of offering awards
  • misguidance
  • damaging the good name of the competitor

Consultations for the preparation of the necessary notifications, requests, statements, objections, etc. relating the above activities